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5/15/09 11:39 am - yayayayayayay!

i had a very good week so far.

*riley said 'mama' for the first time :)

*the worst part of teething is ALMOST over and i can see the little needle-y teeth poking through his gums :)

*i got to talk to ryan the last few days :) even if its weird talking to someone in afghanistan because the reception sucks :(

*ryan called me his 'girlfriend' although now he says if i'm not comfortable with labels, we dont have to say it :/ now he probably thinks i'm uncomfortable with it even though it kinda makes me giddy

*ryan told me that he was going to a market or w/e and he's going to get something for me :) i just hope it isnt something like kevin gave me when he came back from iraq. i didnt know iraqi diamonds are plastic :/ i'm sure he has better taste than that though.

*i finally decided to go back to school. since i'm already signed up for classes, i decided i'd continue to look for teaching jobs while i take summer classes. if i find something, i can always drop my fall classes. and if not, at least i'll have something to fall back on. and if i dont find a full time job, i'll apply for a sub position and rearrange my classes so that i'll only have classes on tues/thurs or online and then i'll have mwf free to sub if i feel like it. :)

*my dad and i put riley's crib together last night. now i have to clean up his room a little, organize things, clean up MY room and take his pack and play down so i can have my room back :))))

1/25/09 09:45 pm - i think i'm going to throw up.

so today douchebag comes over to see my adorable son who he doesn't claim to his friends.

everything was fine until he got ready to leave and said he was going to marry that whore next weekend. WHAT THE FUCK???

they haven't even known each other a year and they're already getting married. somehow i knew this would happen. i have a very good intuition about bad things happening. maybe if i force it, i can make them get multiple raging cases of stds and then they can lose the ability to orgasm as well. i hope they're both VERY happy with their decision and i hope that he leaves me and riley the fuck alone.

i just want to die :(

12/31/08 11:58 pm - new years

so i've been using my myspace blog for a long ass time now, and i haven't really updated. for the most part, i'm just here for ontd because it is my obsession sometimes..esp now that i dont really have much to do except take care of Riley all day long.

well, since it's that time of year again here are some resolutions:

lose 50 lbs
be a milf
find a new bf who gives a shit about me for once

not sure if these will work out or not but here's to making 2009 better than 2008

2/15/07 11:24 pm

5/7/05 02:04 pm - long wang... haha


5/7/05 02:02 pm - why does everything gross or weird happen in nc?? nc is full of freaks!!


5/7/05 01:58 am - hehe, this is soo freakin true its ridiculous...

military factor

The factor by which a male's hottness increases when he's in his uniform. On a scale of one to ten, a uniform usually increases a guy's number by 2. Can also be applied to non-military men in some uniforms.

Person 1: Check that guy out. He's a solid 7.
Person 2: Him? He's in my Spanish class. He's in AFROTC. On Tuesdays when he's in his dress blues he's a 9, atleast.

5/6/05 10:26 pm - a short list of my fears (from phobiaguide.com)

Androphobia-Fear of men.
Anuptaphobia-Fear of staying single.
Athazagoraphobia-Fear of being forgotton or ignored or forgetting.
Atychiphobia-Fear of failure.
Catagelophobia-Fear of being ridiculed.
Catapedaphobia-Fear of jumping from high and low places.
Decidophobia-Fear of making decisions.
Necrophobia-Fear of death or dead things.
Panthophobia-Fear of suffering and disease.
Scopophobia or Scoptophobia-Fear of being seen or stared at.
Soteriophobia-Fear of dependence on others.
Spectrophobia -Fear of specters or ghosts.
Stenophobia-Fear of narrow things or places.
Xenoglossophobia-Fear of foreign languages.

hehe this one's just funny: Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia-Fear of long words.

i think whats his face has this:Philophobia-Fear of falling in love or being in love.
thats just what i think...he may just be an asshole.

5/6/05 10:09 pm - sad they still have the same commercial basically...i still want one tho haha


5/6/05 10:07 pm - hehe i still have all of mine

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